The spoilerboard is the sacrificial piece of material you put at the bottom of your CNC machine.

Since it is going to be replaced every now and then, I thought about it and I found that it would be nice to have a pattern that could be milled every time I change it.

In Autodesk Fusion 360, I designed a pattern that I can reapply every time I change the spoilerboard.  It also bores the holes for the 1/4″ t-nuts that I use for clamping down the materials.



I use the v-bit to engrave the checkerboard… This thing is really useful to make sure my material is really straight relative to the CNC.

 I also added some decorations and writing, just for the fun of it…

You can get the file here (http://a360.co/2c9GJMB):


Looking good!

Stay tuned for more!


Disclaimer: I’m not very good at writing articles, this is why I force myself to do it a bit more these days. If you have questions please fell free to ask in the comments I will answer every questions. Thanks for understanding.

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