Spoilerboard clamps

First things I need for this brand new CNC are some kind of clamps that can easily pin the materials to the spoilerboard.

There are a couple of designs around the net but I settled on this fairly simple one from thingiverse by phidauex to begin with:



My spoilerboards has t-nuts under it so I will only need a screw and a simple washer.

First thing first: the DXF from thingiverse is really, really, really small so I used CamBam to scale it up 20x, then I added a pocket and a profile


Once done, export the gcode, load it into ChiliPeppr and press play:


Glue the parts together and everything looks good right?

Wrong!! I should never have used MDF as a material it is too brittle.

I’ve redone them all with normal pine wood (those are 1×4 btw), they are way more solid than the MDF ones.


Disclaimer: I’m not very good at writing articles, this is why I force myself to do it a bit more these days. If you have questions please fell free to ask in the comments I will answer every questions. Thanks for understanding.

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