Halftoning with a CNC

There are different ways to get your pictures carved with the CNC.

I found out that Easel does it one way and that way seems to be best used when doing engravings.

But what I found out today is that little piece of software that can take an image, halftones it (like your old comicbooks) and then transforms it into GCode… Woah…

Taken from http://allthemods.com/userinfo.php?userid=564&id=8021

Example taken from AllTheMods

The software is made by Jason Dorie (http://jasondorie.com/page_cnc.html)

All you have to do is use an existing picture and load it in the software, input the parameters that correspond to your CNC and material and it will output the GCode:


Just use the GCode in your prefered Gcode sender (I like ChiliPeppr):


Press play and that’s it!

Here are the results:

I know it looks like crap.  It’s my first test, the picture I chose isn’t the best example and the material was an old melamine board I had laying around .

Now, if you look at the first example this thing has a nice potential.  If you take a nice piece of plywood, lightly stain it and go through the process it should look like the example.


Stay tuned for more!

Disclaimer: I’m not very good at writing articles, this is why I force myself to do it a bit more these days. If you have questions please fell free to ask in the comments I will answer every questions. Thanks for understanding.

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